Thursday, July 7, 2011

A volunteer by any other name...

Most Dominicans have a very hard time with the name 'Austin,' so partway through training I started introducing myself as Agustín (ah-goo-STEEN), which is the Spanish equivalent.  Both names came from Augustus/Augustine, they just evolved in different directions in the respective languages.

In the Dominican dialect of Spanish, the 'S' often disappears, and words that end it 'N' sound like 'NG,' so lots of people call me 'ah-goo-TEENG.'  Young kids, who always find their own way to pronounce things, have called me 'ah-gwee-stee' or 'ha-woo-teeng.'

And this glorious two-year-old just cheers TWEEEEN!

'Tween' has caught on, and most of her family calls me that now.  It may be my favorite nickname ever!

"Yeah, I'm awesome."

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